Life Changes

It seems odd how my life is going to change so much in 7 weeks.  What’s even more odd is that I already have a kid, I’ve done the baby thing and all that, so it’s not like I don’t have any experience.  But just as Leif and I couldn’t imagine Rowan until she got here, I can say the same about this little girl.  And I’m sure after she’s here, I won’t be able to imagine a world without her.

Rowan has been more clingy lately, I’m sure she feels the pressure of the upcoming birth.  She never really became daddy’s little girl, at least not in the sense that she preferred him to me.  I still seem to have some mystique to her.  Which if funny, because she knows me so well.  There have been times when I have been angry or annoyed with Leif and she will deliberately pick a fight with him, as though it is on my behalf.   She hates it when I am annoyed or upset with her, and gets very emotional if she feels we aren’t right.

One thing I am proud of is that I try to never lie to her, to always tell her the truth and explain things as best as I can.  It’s harder, because I don’t believe in a black and white world and perhaps she is not ready for more complexity.  But one person I always admired was my grandmother, and she was always open to me.  She talked about all the bad things that had happened in her life, even when I was young.  In so many ways, I feel like I knew her far more as a person than my own parents.

Some people believe that as a parent, you can’t be your child’s friend.  That’s not your role.  Perhaps.  I certainly don’t plan on taking the place of her peer group friends, but I want both my girls to know that I will be straight with them.  And when they need me, I’ll be there for them.  I hope that by being open and trusting with them, they will have the same attitude towards me.


Parent-Teacher Conference

Today was our first parent-teacher conference.  Rowan seems to be doing pretty well in school.  She can count up to 87 (she skips 88 and then continues onto 100) and she knows a few words.  She draws a lot and adds a lot of detail to her drawings.  Socially, she seems to do fine in class.  Apparently, there’s a group of 3-4 of them and they have no problems chatting amongst themselves.  In fact, sometimes the teacher has to call Rowan’s name a few times before Rowan hears her.  So she doesn’t appear to be an outcast, although the teacher would like to see her raise her hand in class more.

It was also Girl Scout cookie day.  Apparently, I can no longer be trusted to have Girl Scout cookies at work.  I was going to keep a box of Thin Mints at my desk until I ate almost half the box.  They came home where I will dole them out in my lunches in little snack bags.   Good thing I can eat as many clementines as I want.

Goodbye Yo-grit

One of the sad things about watching children grow up is watching the cute things they say disappear.  The other day Rowan surprised me by asking for yogurt.  She had never pronounced it correctly, and I thought her calling it yo-grit was unbearably cute so I left it.  Alas, preschool taught her how to say it correctly.

Her other word is vy-genna, and she hasn’t figured out out to say that one either.  As in, “Abby put wood chips down my butt and sand in my vy-genna.”  I’m pretty sure that’s a bit of exaggeration, and not that her playground is acting out Chained Heat.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she knows how to say it before sex ed.


No soup tonight. Instead, Rowan and I had a bunch of shrimp and then a bunch of strawberries. As in, I ate a pound and she ate a pound. Good thing they were 2 for $4 at Woodman’s, looks like I’ll be going back to pick up more. Mmm. . . strawberries. Seriously, as long as I have fruit and yogurt, I’m pretty happy. Oh, and good bread. I’m still on my quest to make the perfect bread.

Green Salad Soup

Rowan has a thing for soup. She likes to eat it, and she likes to make it. But if she’s making it, I generally don’t let her eat it. Here was tonight’s recipe, Green Salad Soup:

Colored water, blue, green, yellow, with a dash of red, but it’s predominately green

Dish soap

Crystallized ginger (wasn’t watching her for this one, Leif retrieved the rest of the bottle for me)

Fish food

Grape tomatoes, cut in half (these were destined for the compost anyway, wrinkled but not moldy)

Grapes (same as above)


Onion shoots (my onions in the cupboard are trying to sprout)

The soup is also varies when she’s playing “Mama” or “Vampire Mama”. Tonight she was regular “Mama.” Often, the soup also has lotion in it, perhaps that is the connection to “Vampire Mama,” I’m not really sure. Apparently, it was so tasty we all had three bowls of the stuff.

Bon Appetit!