Green Smoothie Excitement!


Nightcap of fresh green smoothie (left) and Siberian rosebud tisane (right)


So, I love my green smoothies.  In fact, every year I am invited to run a smoothie class at my work for Wellness Month.  It’s not hard to twist my arm, I love these things.  I am at what I would call the Intermediate Level of green smoothie love, and here is my newest (not necessarily unique) recipe.  You’ll find a ton of recipes online if you care to look, but this is the combo that has recently gotten my fancy, and I can tell I am deep in the green smoothie koolaid as I find this a magnitude of deliciousness above ranch dressing, and above chocolate.  Onto the recipe:

Greenness Level: Intermediate

-two leaves of kale

-one stalk of celery

-two generous handfuls of spinach

-one fingernail’s worth of fresh ginger

-one apple

-one generous squeeze of lemon juice (or half a lemon)

-one cup of orange juice

-one generous handful of frozen strawberries

This blend uses the gateway green of Spinach, with bonus levels of Celery and Kale.  If you don’t like the flavor of celery, you won’t like this one – it’s a hard flavor to hide.  Blend well, and I mean blend that bitch.  Anything with frozen stuff will need a medium or better quality of blender – I’ve been using my $99 Kitchenaid blender for 2+ years, and it’s still going strong.

You will notice that color will slowly turn green the more you blend it.  I make mine the night before and chill in the refrigerator.  Never underestimate the power of blending to create a magnificent mouthfeel – at least two minutes is good.  And the result – ‘effin delicious.  This makes about two cups of smoothie.  I’m really into the top notes of ginger-celery-lemon these days.

Author: ~R

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