Binaural Beats

One day, while I was at work and trying to get through my work day with the same feelings of helpless panic that can plague me, I started searching for subliminal tracks on YouTube.  I was looking for something for depression/anxiety and found some tracks called “binaural beats.”  Meant to be used with headphones, each ear has a different frequency but the brain perceives it as a pulsating sound.  Half the time I had it on speakers, so it was already “pre-mixed.”  I don’t know about the wild claims of being better than drugs and letting you levitate (okay I made that last one up), but I do find that it helps to calm me down and concentrate.  My favorite one so far is: Chakra Healing Alpha Binaural Beats – Extended Version.

And if you check it out, my answer to your question is yes, I can actually listen to it for over an hour.

Author: ~R

I write about life, people, and the things that interest in me. Which often includes death, sex, friendship, and the future of humanity. I hope for the best in people and I prepare for the worst. But no matter what happens, change is constant and everything will be ok.

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