Sunday Smoothie

Today for breakfast I had a banana-peach-strawberry-kale smoothie.  It was not as good as last time’s (though still okay).  That might have been because I gave Rowan part of the fruit base before I tainted it with kale and turned it green.  Annoyingly though, she didn’t drink much of hers but left it out on her little table, where Nova found it and a paintbrush and starting painting the table and assorted toys with banana-peach-strawberry smoothie.

Nova overall though was very sweet.  She’s been a total pill for the last week, fighting some cold and frankly I was getting sick of being the monkey tree for my little monkey.  I love her, but man, a week of non-stop whining and clinging. . . this is why I decided long ago that there would only be a few kids in my future (as opposed to 5 or 6)  But tonight, I gave Nova a little bowl of blueberries and she took her bowl to Rowan’s little plastic mermaid salon and ate them while talking to herself in babytalk in the mirror.  Cute.

I did grocery shopping this weekend because though Leif can get everything on the list, this time there were some specific items I was looking for.  I hit the ethnic aisle pretty hard and I love all the weird stuff.  Like Thai Sweet Rice, what it that?  How different is that from Jasmine rice?  I realized there is still a lot of food out there that I haven’t tried.  Long term, that just won’t do.  I am curious, I need to know these things.

And now I must go.

Fasting. . .yes. Raw. . .perhaps not.

I did my 24 hour fast.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t that bad.  There was some hungriness, but it was far from intolerable.  I didn’t bring anything for lunch, I figured I would eat after work.  But. . .then one of my good friends at work bought me a cupcake, as it was the day after my birthday.  Yeah, I’m not going to say no to a Bloom Bake cupcake, the best EVER.  It was a vegan cupcake, locally sourced, probably some organic goodness in there too.  And love, let’s not forget the love.  It was extremely delicious.  Ah well, whatta ya going to do?

After that though, I had a some nuts and for dinner I had some peaches, avacado, and some golden melon.  Tomorrow I’ll have another green smoothie for breakfast.  We’ll see how it goes.  This afternoon I was thinking what to make for dinner and realizing I had no idea.  Raw food. . . well, it’s either extremely simple–have some fruit and fresh veggies–or it can get complicated making sprouted bread and fake pasta made from spiral cut zucchini and other such things.

The raw food aspect isn’t really as important to me as just changing things up a bit and seeing what happens.  And I’m pretty sure I will be taking part of the company potluck on Weds, regardless.  I didn’t feel very hungry today, but I was really tired in the morning and brain foggy.  Really, if there’s anything I want to see from this experiment, I would like to gain clarity and maybe an improvement in energy levels.  We’ll see what happens.

7 Day Detox. . .Except I Really Hate the Word Detox

I admit it, I lurk sometimes, and sometimes I’m lurking on health/nutrition forums.  For a couple of years I’ve had intermittent interest in raw foods, but given as I’m not even a vegetarian at this point, I haven’t done anything serious with it.  But lately, I’ve just not been happy with myself.

It’s not a weight issue, I’m skinny enough and I don’t need to lose weight.  But often, I just feel. . . foggy.  And I’ve read some testimonials from people that one of the benefits of a “detox” is they feel like a new person.  For the record, I don’t like the word “detox”.  Yes, there are pesticides and all sorts of low levels of random chemicals lying about.  We live in the aquarium of Earth, and there isn’t a way to truly be separate ourselves from our collective past actions.  That being said, I do not believe that my bowels are impacted with years of putrefaction and really, I feel no need to talk about poop–mine or anybody else’s (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out some random raw food forums. . .it’s a bit different out there).

But a “detox,” as a form of a health reset–that is of interest to me.  Continue reading “7 Day Detox. . .Except I Really Hate the Word Detox”