A Good Week

This has been quite the week.  First, on Wednesday I gave my first speech at Toastmasters.  It’s called the Icebreaker and it’s about yourself–so it should have been pretty easy because I usually have no problem talking about myself!  But the first draft was very personal and I scrapped it.  I toned down the second version but still felt nervous giving it.  However, it went very well and I already know the topic for my next speech.  At one point I mentioned, “My husband has gone from being a musician/janitor to swordmaker to making teeth.  There is a logical progression to that, but it’s a story for another time.”  A lot of people laughed and a couple mentioned that they would like to hear that story, so Leif gets to be the focus of my next speech.  It will be entitled “How to Become a Dental Lab Tech in 15 Years or Less!”

Then on Thursday I had one of my most productive days ever at work.  It was crazy, I kept getting stuff done.  Task after task kept getting checked off!  It was weird, because by the end of the day I was exhausted and I skipped my dance class, I was just so burned out.  But it felt good, like lifting a new heavy weight that you couldn’t do before.

On Saturday Nova and I went to the Farmer’s Market with Jessica and Amy and their babies Brianne and Daniel.  Three moms and three strollers.  They had their super nice running strollers and me, I had my cheap little umbrella stroller with the diaper bag backpack.  It worked out though–we went to Graze, which was super nice.  We had mimosas with breakfast.  Then I went home again and worked on another giant project.  I cleared out all of the piles and piles of clothes from upstairs and now the ones we will keep are in labelled bins  and I know which ones are ready for my next Goodwill trip.  It made quite a mess in the living room.

After that, Nova and I went back out to Jess’s for an impromptu slumber party.   There was much wine and talking.  It was just what I needed, and Nova did very well.

And now there are some kids crying, so I must go.

And the busyness continues. . .

So here it is, May already.  It’s amazing to me how subtle change is, but things have definitely shifted.  Today at work I realized it had been a long time since I had looked at my cheat sheet.  I just haven’t felt a need to.  My anxiety has also lessened.  I also took a look at my numbers and I’m on track to exceed my sales goals, which makes me very happy!  (Granted, we’ve only four months in, but I like having a good start to continue with).

At both work and home, I have been slowly adding in the GTD stuff.  I bought a bunch of plastic trunks and started packing away stuff–I may or may not get rid of it, but I want to see how it feels with it gone.  So I packed up a trunk of clothes, a trunk of drinking glasses, tea cups, and DVDs, and a trunk of. . . dare I say it, books.  I also have actually been filing.  I have many piles of papers to go through and many files to purge, but it is happening! 

In the last sales class I took, the instructor talked about the Cycle of Self Development:  first, you need Attitude, then Knowledge, next Practice, and lastly comes Skill.  There is a hump inbetween Knowledge and Practice, which is where many people get stuck.  But inwardly, I can feel the change–I’ve over the hump, in the very beginning stages of Practice.

This was made clear to me when I was reading one of my books and it had you write down where you are today, where you were three years ago, and where you’ll be three years from now.  By looking at where I was in 2008, I can see the progress I’ve made.  For one thing, our finances are far improved.  I figured when we had the second child we’d be in the hole for daycare, but we are holding our own.  I was just starting to get frustrated with my job, and now I’m in a job with more responsibility, freedom, and better pay.  My relationship was okay, but not great.  Now I feel more grateful for what I have and I can see he’s grown too.   My next big pushes for improvement will probably be in the friends arena (ie, I want to be a better friend) and physical health.

I have found that with all this intense internal work that I have not been as social as I would like.  But, right now I feel like I have to focus on my family.  I’ve always kind of been annoyed with that statement–it seems like a cop-out, as in, “Oh hey, I don’t have time for you but I know you’ll stick around even though I ignore you because you’re my friend.”  However, I’ve had to accept that right now my life is intense and I can only work on so much at one time.  I’m hoping that by getting organized I can balance my life better, but obviously, if I have to choose I’ll choose my immediate family followed by my career, because it shows when I don’t make the effort.

So if you feel as if I’ve been ignoring you, I have!  But not intentionally.  🙂  My life is definitely a work in progress these days.