In case you’re wondering what I do. . .

So tonight at my sales class, we had to write an elevator pitch.  That’s where you explain in 30-45 seconds (roughly the time to take a trip in an elevator) to explain to someone what it is that you do.  And I thought I would share only because after I did mine, people said they finally got what it is that I sell.  Here it is:

“[At my company] we work with physicists who are responsible for daily, monthly, and yearly quality assurance checks for linear accelerators and are looking for tools to help them do that in an efficient and thorough manner.

As you may know, any mistake with a linear accelerator can lead to an underdose of radiation where the targeted cancer cells are not destroyed–or an overdose that can kill healthy tissue or even hasten the death of a patient.  In addition, AAPM recommendations also need to be followed for accreditation.

Our tools and software allow the physicist to know that the machines perform as expected and the radiation treatment is delivered the way it was intended to.”

So there you have it folks.  That’s what I do.