Hello Kitty Gumball Machine

Dear Rowan,

This is Santa, and I thought I should explain to you why you will not be getting a Hello Kitty Gumball Machine this year for Christmas.  I regret to inform you that the Hello Kitty Gumball Machine that you saw at Costco is two feet high and there simply isn’t room in your house for more useless junk.  Face it, kid, you’re going to eat the gumballs and then that thing is going to sit around forgotten.  Oh sure, you think it will be so fun to have gumballs drop down into the spiral gumball slide–but really, how many times are you going to do that before you get bored?  Not to mention that your Mom gets really annoyed at how you play with your gum, even when you’re told to keep it in your mouth, and she is just waiting for the day that it gets stuck in your hair and has to be surgically removed.  At which point, you’ll probably blame her for a bad haircut and childhood trauma.

Also, another reason you may not be getting the Hello Kitty Gumball Machine is that for months now you have asked for a Nintendo DS.  How you’ve wanted one!  How you’ve asked for it for Christmas over and over!  Well, I have news for you.  Your Mom bought you one for Christmas–and the very next day you announced that you no longer wanted a Nintendo DS.  Now you want a Hello Kitty Gumball Machine.  In fact, in the Christmas list you wrote at after-school daycare, a Nintendo DS didn’t even make the cut!  It was pushed out by a gumball machine, paper dolls, and long-sleeved dresses so that you could wear dresses in wintertime and still look pretty.  So now your Dad’s going to get a Nintendo DS.  And I have to get him a game, because he’s not really going to be into the dress-up kitty game that he got for you to go with your now unwanted Nintendo DS.

So when you see your Dad open up what was supposed to YOUR Nintendo DS, remember that I take notes on who’s naughty and nice throughout the year, including Christmas day itself.  You’re going to have to be content with your dolls and your fairy cookbook and dresses and all.   Besides, Christmas is too materialistic anyways and you should focus on what a miracle it was that Baby Jesus was born and really, all you need is love.  Some people don’t even get that.

Plus, your Mom told me to tell you that Nova could choke on all those gumballs and you don’t want to be responsible for killing your sister.  Girls who kill their baby sisters get on next year’s naughty list.

Thanks for the cookies,


Sometimes Lucky to be an Island

Well, after feeling lonely all week and trying to make plans on the weekend, I decided to shift gears and let this just be a quiet weekend.  Nova is much better and there is snow is the forecast, and I have a bunch of projects.  I want to make truffles this weekend and I have a custom pillow project.  Custom as in uber-goth.  🙂  I will try to post pics.

And I don’t know what is all going on, but there’s some bad mojo going on.  My friend Theresa would say it’s the Mercury retrograde thing, but two of my friends had their houses separately broken into and electronics gear stolen.  One of my friends fainted at work and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance (she’s fine now) and another friend posted that she was having medical issues and to pray for her.  Tried calling her, but no answer, so we’ll see if I find out what that was about.  And then I got a Christmas card where I found out the mother of my best friend from high school died.  She had cancer and apparently died in November.  The friend from high school had already died several years ago, so hopefully mother and daughter are having a reunion. 

I was thinking it must be so hard for the dad.  His wife and his only child have since passed over.  I wonder what he’s going to do now.  In absence of having any idea, I think I would probably go to Florida and live in one of those retirement communities.  Start over and enjoy the sunshine.  Play some golf and feel the grass under my feet.

So I’m kind of feeling like my household is a calm island.  I had sort of an emotional freakout on Wednesday, where I was just feeling sad and disconnected.  I still need to get together with friends, but now I know it will happen, I just need to be patient.  And my family life is pretty good.  Last night as I was taking Rowan to bed, she semi-tripped and let out a loud burp.  “Mom, I burp-barfed!” she said and we both just cracked up.  She’s so funny, I love that about her.  And work–well, that’s another post, but it’s starting to fall into place.  Now I just need to start getting stuff done in the home sphere.

NaBloPoMo. . . pfft

Yep, so I’ve been sick and there went my blogging.  I was sick for a solid week around Thanksgiving and well, you know how things go.  Then Nova’s been sick.  We had to go to get her out of daycare and take her to the Dr’s because she had a temp of 104 °F (technically 103.9 °F).  So we’ve been trying to get that down all through Friday night and Saturday.  It’s been down to 100, then back to 102, then up to 103.5.  But it hasn’t crossed over into 104, so that’s good.  The doctor said to take her straight to the ER if it hits 105.

This morning she actual ate something, the first since early Friday.  Thank goodness she still breastfeeds, at least I know she’s getting her fluids.  And it helps that she’s 22 lbs, I feel more confident that she can take it.  But yes, it’s been tiring, I have been physically with her all day and during the nights, because I feel better if she sleeps with me.  And she’s sporting a punk ‘do, as we keep wetting her head to keep the temp down (along with acetaminophen every 4 hours)

Temp this morning was 99.4, so we’re looking good so far.

Update:  Nova hit 104.9 this afternoon after a nap.  Back to acetaminophen, after a call to a nurse.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.  Thinking Leif is staying at home with her.