Six Steps and I’m Done!

Nova did six unassisted steps today–I am a little sad that the true infant stage is over and we’re heading into toddler stage.  But on the bright side she is less fussy!

And the other big news is that all my testing is done done done!  I am so happy!  And brain dead.  I had a great Korean lunch in celebration and will have to post more details later.  Good night!

Soon to be Done

Today I had my phone test–3 hours to see how many people I could reach and have a meaningful conversation with multiple products.  It went a lot better than I had feared.  Tomorrow is the written test and demos and then my new friend Hugh is buying me.  He’s not buying me lunch by the way because I will be done.  He’s buying me lunch because he dared me to wear a fake mustache and use the word “armamentarium” in the sales team meeting.  (it is still odd that I’m part of a sales team now).  The mustache lasted 30 seconds, it itched, and though I did not laugh before using the word armamentarium, Hugh and I both burst out laughing as soon as I said it.  It’s a real word, similar to arsenal.  And worth it as tomorrow I will be noshing on delicious Korean Bibimbap, with my new favorite vegetables, fern brake and platycodon.  Nom.

One thing though about this job is the immense emotional swings I have had.  I really need to practice not letting them rule me so.  Some days I am just so stressed, so panicked, and then other days I am euphoric.  It is exhausting.  I mean, I’m glad that everything isn’t all blah (though there are those days too) but it’s hard to get things done being such a roller coaster.

And yeah, Nova took 2 steps this morning.  Odds are good that she’ll be walking by Christmas and making decent progress by Thanksgiving.

Freaking out (a little)

So this is my last week, I have three days before the final stage of training is finally done.  I have been doing my job (it hasn’t all been training) but on Friday we have a two hour written exam, three hours of phone work to be reviewed, and an hour of on the spot product demos.  Let me just say I will be so glad when this week is over.  Plus we are meeting with our financial advisor on Friday, I’d like to be prepared but I don’t think I’m going to have time to get prepared.   And studying with small children–almost impossible.


Death by 3 and the Deputy Got Me.

You know the saying, death happens in 3s?  I’m really hoping that includes cars.  Last week my father-in-law died (Tuesday) and then Thursday, outside of daycare, Leif’s car died.  Had to be towed to the mechanic.  And then today, after a dental appt, MY car died when Leif tried to start it.  His car was in the shop.   I did okay with dealing with the first dead car, but having zero cars?  Not good.

(It also did not help that got 4 hours of sleep as it was Showdown at the Crib last night.  Two and a half hours of squaring off with Nova.  I had decided I was NOT going to nurse her, NOT going to bring her to bed just because she woke up.  She didn’t like that much.  But I won eventually.  The last 20 minutes were excruciating, but she finally wore herself out at 1:30 am.  So I was not very cognizant today.)

Anyway, the car.  Leif called me from the dental office’s parking lot.  My car was dead.  No lights, no clock, absolutely no sign of life.  Finally I went to ask a coworker if he would drive me to get a car battery and take me to Leif.  I almost broke down at this point, but amazingly enough I did not cry.  My voice was pretty quavering though.  Then Leif called and had miraculously got it started–so I told him to drive it to the mechanic.

Luckily, my car just had some loose connections.  They fixed it for free and told Leif to call me and let me know that I could relax now.  They also fixed Leif’s car.  The ignition cylinder was tricky to remove, all locked up, but they said if it wasn’t easy to remove, people would be stealing cars all the time.

And then after the kids were in bed I got a call.  If was from some guy who sounded like he knew me, but he sounded Southern–and gay.  Turns out he was a deputy.  See, a couple of years ago a deputy called me, a real authoritative guy, and I was so freaked out that a deputy was calling me I stayed on the line.  Turns out he wanted a donation for bullet proof vests and child fingerprinting kits.  I had been on the phone long enough by the time I realized it was solicitation that I agreed to donate $20 or some such thing.

This time, I wanted to giggle throughout the conversation.  I stayed on the line because his drawl was so pronounced and he was hilarious to listen to.  Since he made me smile, I promised $20 again.  So apparently I need to be scared or amused in order to donate, I don’t know.  I should have told him that he can get a donation from me as long as he personally calls me every year.


Sunday Sunday

Another cold day and another day to stay in.  I didn’t get much done, but more than yesterday.  I did pack up my stamps though.  I’m realizing I just have too much stuff, too much projects and it’s kind out of control.  So next year in the spring during the garage sales there will be a bunch of Stampin Up stuff in addition to baby stuff.  I just have to let it go.

Mix Superstar Madness!

So Leif bought Mix Superstar through Wii Ware and it’s pretty awesome.  A little too awesome, as I did pretty much nothing today but play it and make songs.  It’s too bad that the different styles are not completely interchangeable though–Dance, Techno, and Electro are all interchangeable, but not with Hip Hop and House?  And now it is late and I realized I really didn’t accomplish much in my real life.  Oh well, it was fun to get caught up in a game–too bad I always seem to end up feel super guilty about it when I do.

I’m glad though that I enjoy spending time with my family, all of them.  It’s nice.  I don’t know–maybe these years are really my benefit and Leif’s as the kids won’t remember much.  Rowan was pretending to be a witch today and Nova was following me around.  We had ramen for lunch and Nova’s pretty into it.  Leif was joking that she should star in her own movie, “Fistful of Ramen”.   She ate a ton again.