Things that make me happy

It’s summer now, and though I am not a fan of the bloodthirsty  mosquitoes, I am glad that it’s not freezing outside.  I did the bills for June and we didn’t take as much of a hit as I was expecting.  For some reason, June always has the big bills, house insurance, life insurance, extra week of double daycare, swimming lessons, you get the picture.

I was able to put my hair back in a ponytail without bits falling in my face.  I like being able to do that again.  Plus, my hair is growing back.  After the birth, I was shedding so much hair I could see some significant thinning at the temples, and I was afraid it might not come back.

One of my good friends got a job!  That is a great thing, he has been looking for awhile and I’m glad when good things happen to good friends.  My mom also started her new job recently.

Nova is not only doing the baby talk, but also angry baby talk.  She is learning a new emotion–frustration.  She wants to feel new things and smack them, and sometimes she can’t figure out how to make her hands work they way she wants.  It is so neat to see her brain getting smarter.  And when she talks in her cute little tiny baby voice it’s adorable, even if she looks like Popeye with the big chubby cheeks on a scrawny neck.  Her eyes are still blue.

Now, I just have to stop eating crap and exercising again, and I’ll be all set!

Wow, over already?

Friday was Rowan’s last day of school.  That went fast.  Seriously, we need to reform the school system, I can’t take 3 months of summer.  But I went to the hotdog picnic, and it was sweet how happy Rowan was to see me.  It’s still so easy to make her happy.  Boy, I’m going to miss that when she’s 15 and ashamed to be seen with me.  Her reading is coming along well, too.  We will have to practice that over the summer.

But now that Rowan is getting older, I find I have to yet censor even more what I say.  For example, I have to be very careful about any work talk around her.  She goes to school (and daycare) with the children of other people who work at the same place that I do.  And they talk now.   It’s weird, because I’ve always tried to be open and honest about most things with Rowan, but I don’t want work stuff getting back to people via other channels.

Nova is almost 5 months now, flipping, smiling, and occasionally laughing.  Sadly, she is still getting up at 5:30 am, kicking and smiling at least, but I could stand a little bit more sleep-in.  The ladies at daycare say she looks like Rowan–I think there is some similarity, but they won’t be twins.  She eats well, that’s for sure.  I love her chunky thighs–she’s very healthy, so that’s less to worry about.  She is not sleeping through the night yet.  I’m sure I could let her cry it out, but I’m not ready to do that yet.

Five Questions

I was asked a serious of questions, “interview style” from a friend.

1 – Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 – I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.
3 – You’ll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 – You’ll include this explanation.
5 – You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

Questions from hadjare

1. Describe your childhood home.

I had 3, the duplex I lived in from 0-4, the house I lived in from 4-7, and the last house in CT from 7-18.  I’ll pick the one I lived in from 4-7, since it seems the most dreamlike, in Binghamton, NY.  There was a big tree in front that leaned toward my bedroom window, and I was always a little afraid that it would fall and crash into the house.  I had another window that faced the house next door, where I watched my friend’ s teenage brother get ready for bed.  (Nothing raunchy, it was a high bathroom window, so I would see him wash his face and what not)

There was a vent from the furnace that I could see on the roof, but I could never figure out where it came from, and I thought there must be a room somewhere hidden in the house that had no windows or doors, only mice, and it freaked me out.  I don’t remember the interior too well, but I remember the backyard.  There was two levels and lots of trees, on the higher level my parents had a garden.  There were rocks with wood lice underneath them and I loved to pick them up and watch them curl into little balls.  The neighbors had a pear tree we would shake when they were ripe, and my Dad grew raspberries in the back.  My favorite were the yellow ones, but only a few ever grew and I was afraid to take them.

2. What is your favorite game to play with Rowan?

We don’t really have a favorite, we make up all sorts of things, like playing “baby” or “kitty” or “zombie.”  Once we played “vampires” and we had to lie on the living room floor with a blanket on top of ourselves.  I ended up chatting to Leif and Rowan whipped off the blanket and said, “Come cuddle in the grave!  Cuddle!”  I still laugh over that.

Her other favorite for awhile was to play “Cinderella” and Leif and I had to be the evil stepsisters who tore her dress and ripped off her beads.  We had to really tear the necklaces and sashes off for her to be satisfied.

3. What fictional character is most like you and why? (can be any media: movie, cartoon, book, etc)?

The only two that I really felt were like me would be Mary Yellen from The Secret Garden and Jane Eyre.  Mary Yellen, because she was so sullen and then found happiness by just being outside and eating hearty food.  Jane Eyre, because she was so plain and yet Mr. Rochester still fell in love with her.  Especially as a kid I felt like I was plain and it was encouraging to think someone might still love me!

4. What is the most enjoyable new interest/topic/activity/thing introduced to you by Leif?

Eastern philosophy/Buddism/Alan Watts.  These are long standing, but I also love reading The New York Times and The Economist and coming home and discussing what he’s been listening to on NPR.  Nerds!  We’re nerds.

5. Where and when did you go out into the big wide world, by yourself?

I suppose it was in 1996 when I came to Madison for graduate school.  The first summer I rented on Orchard St with a older student.  I don’t even remember her name, we barely talked.  I soon found out that I didn’t like graduate school, and the next spring I got a job as an analytical chemist.  I met Leif in the fall of 1996, but honestly when I think back to that time, my life was full of sadness.  My friends were in Milwaukee and I was still cutting myself.  I felt free and lost at the same time.   I painted a lot and lit candles and explored the Internet.  I wish I could go back and give my younger self a big hug and tell her that everything was going to end up okay.

I loved going dancing at the Cardinal though, that was fun. 🙂