The Horror of Women’s Parties

Once you get to a certain age or become involved in yuppie circles, if you’re female, at one point you will be invited to a women’s party.  The original was the Tupperware party,  and I can truthfully say I have never been invited to one of those.  But they come in all breeds now, Stampin Up, Tastefully Simple, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, Partylite, and that’s just off the top of my head.   I have gone to a bunch of them, though I am the guest you love to hate, I usually buy small at these things.  I go mostly to socialize and because I have friends who are going.

Well, the newest is the Dove chocolate party.  I was invited by a coworker and decided, what the hell, I’d go.  I also have an unspoken rule that when a new person invites me to a social event, I try to go.   It was actually a lot of fun, and surprisingly, the products were really good.  Yes, chocolate is another one of those things I am a snob at.  I go by chocolate that is suitable for truffle making.  Valhrona, Guittard, Schaffen Berger–these are all names well known by chocolatiers.  When making truffles myself, I usually use Omanhene because it is a really good value for the money.  But Dove–well, I like their dark chocolate, but I don’t consider them high brow.

I think Dove is trying to capitalize on the gourmet food trend, and actually their products were not bad.  I liked their smoothie mix and their mousse base.  As I said, I was surprised.  And so, after much internal wrangling, I decided to host a party myself.  A chocolate party–it seemed like it would be fun.

What I did not count on was my ego getting in the way.  I made up a decent guest list and sent out invites.  And I got 3 confirmations.  You always wonder what the minimum is, and my internal minimum was 5.  I felt like the biggest loser.

It’s stupid, I know.  Part of me hates those parties, because you’re basically asking your friends to spend money on your behalf.  So why do this to myself?  But it irked me that now three of my coworkers have or are doing these chocolate party things, and each one could get 10+ guests.  So what is wrong with me, that I can invite a bunch of people and I get 3?  And it shouldn’t be a popularity contest, but I just felt as I did in gym in 5th grade, the last one to be picked to play games.  So I stopped playing and canceled the damn thing.

Another part of it is that is seems like no one is available these days.  Everything has to be scheduled out weeks or months in advance.  Last week, I had a really horrible day for no good reason, I was just teary-eyed and felt alone.  I told nobody, because what was the point?  I didn’t schedule my break down a month in advance, so how could any of my friends juggle their schedule to accommodate me?  And it happens to me too, often we have schedules that have to be worked around.  With Rowan in school now, we’re even more constricted.  So yay for my poor husband, he gets to hear me out when I’m all emotional.

Who knew trying to host a party could could be such a self-esteem buster?  Well, I’ve learned my lesson.  The lesson is, never try.  Okay, okay so that’s a Homer Simpson quote and I’m really not as bad as that.   I can take the lesson as the universe doesn’t want me to spend money such a frivolous thing as chocolate right now, though that doesn’t make me feel much better either.  Actually, that makes me sound like the fox who called the grapes sour in Aesop’s fable.   So perhaps I will take the lesson as I need to get out more.  Anyone available for 2010?

Author: ~R

I write about life, people, and the things that interest in me. Which often includes death, sex, friendship, and the future of humanity. I hope for the best in people and I prepare for the worst. But no matter what happens, change is constant and everything will be ok.

2 thoughts on “The Horror of Women’s Parties”

  1. *comforts* I am always available if you need an ear for ranting and venting or a shoulder to cry on. Though, sadly, I can’t afford to buy any chocolates 😦

  2. I rarely buy anything at those parties, but I enjoy going especially if there is someone I haven’t seen in quite a while. I was afraid you were going to add “Mom’s Night Out” to your list. Which in all fairness, should probably go with your list.

    I can drive now and could figure out CP – no problems. Next time you decide to try and have a party send me an invite. I always try to go to things where I am invited. Which doesn’t feel like that often anymore.

    Also, kudos for posting this — sometimes the temptation is too easy to let it go so no one ever knows but these are the kind of posts that I just love.

    I also feel way too invested in how many people show up to a party — until the party. Then I don’t care because I’m busy and having fun with the people that did show up.

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