So I’ve been gone a awhile. . .

. . .it’s true.   I think I’m finally getting to a better place.  I’m at least at a place where I don’t mind sharing.

Lots of things have been happening, but for me the big one was a lot of work drama.  I have gone back and forth whether to talk about it, but frankly I have streak of paranoia, so I think I probably won’t, in case the wrong people find out.  In any case, I have been extremely negative, and I didn’t really want to blog about that.

I have instead been trying to make some small changes.  I’ve been getting up earlier, either to do a little yoga or workout.  Although Kashi will come and try to sit on me and purr–I think cats have an innate ability to make one sleepy.  And I have decided that when I’m negative to pour it all into my book, which I have been working on slowly.  Don’t know if that will ever see the light of day, but it’s a project I’ve had in my mind for a long time.  🙂

And I’m pregnant, which is really great.  We did the early (CVS) testing to get a preliminary look, after what happened last year.  It’s ironic, because I’ve always had a fear of needles and now I sign up for the really big ones.  CVS testing can be done vaginally or through the abdomen with a really big needle–but you can’t get away from the “really big needle” part.  I got it through the abdomen, like the amnio again.  It’s a weird feeling to get either one, that’s for sure.  The hospital staff called me a “trooper” and asked if it even hurt.  But there’s pain that you can be still through and there’s pain where you absolutely cannot be still through–so no, it’s no 10 on the pain scale.  And worth if for my peace of mind.

She’s a girl, for which I am surprised and grateful.  I didn’t think we would get another girl, mainly because I wanted one.  🙂  I’ve got a long way to go, she’s not due until January and already I have to watch my weight gain.  I was so tired in the third trimester that I would eat to keep my energy up, and I was already hungry.  So needless to say, I already look pregnant.  I’ve been slowly getting back into workouts because my back is already giving me grief, and it’s not going to get better if I do nothing.

But in general, I am doing soo much better.