And the Bleakness Continues. . .

I’m not really sure why November decided to take a nose dive, but it sure has.  One of my close friends was just laid off and another is currently at the emergency room with her almost 1-year old baby.  My bad news is that I got back from my trip yesterday to find out my father-in-law has cancer.  He has a tumor in his brain, but that’s not where it originated from.  It originated from his lungs (and his decades of smoking) and they have to do a biopsy to figure out what to do next.  We thought he might have had a touch of Alzheimer’s, as he seemed to be not quite himself.   We of course don’t know much yet, but I feel horrible for my mother-in-law, because I know what she’s thinking.  She’s thinking she may not have a husband soon.

So if you are a smoker, for dear god, just quit.  Now.  Because let me tell you, if Don dies within in the next year or so, that’s about 30 years of his lifespan lost to smoking.  His mother is 90+ years old, still alive, still independent, living on her farm in northern WI, and his father did not pass away that long ago.

Author: ~R

I write about life, people, and the things that interest in me. Which often includes death, sex, friendship, and the future of humanity. I hope for the best in people and I prepare for the worst. But no matter what happens, change is constant and everything will be ok.

One thought on “And the Bleakness Continues. . .”

  1. Sending hugs your way. Try not to let all the negatives get you down (easy for me to say). Keep working out and try to get some yoga in. The boost of those exercise endorphins certainly help me or at least the workout distracts me from my worries for a while. Take care!!

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