Morning Yoga

What is it about yoga that is so appealing to small children and cats?  My daughter is still sleeping at 5:30 this morning, but Kashi could not get enough of me.  She especially likes to burrow into my armpits.  It figures that our cat with the stinky breath would be attracted to other stinky things.  If I do yoga at night, I usually can get all three of them to flop down and observe.  I guess they’re attracted to the Namaste.

Yesterday was Bootcamp day.  It was a tough one, we had to do chariots.  That’s where one person runs with a resistance band around their waist and the other person holds them back.  On one section, Dustin told us that whoever got to the end first, their back person would have to do 25 pushups.  Turns out, if you really hunker down you can slow a person considerably.  I think our trainer was surprised, we all slowed our front people down to a mere crawl.  He gave in, he didn’t make us do the pushups.   🙂

But yes, there are two ways you know if your workout it hard.  If you get dizzy (I didn’t this time, yeah!) and if you pee your pants.  You know, like when you’re laughing so hard, you momentarily lose control?  Well, if you were wondering, that can also happen if you’re working out really, really hard.  It’s why I always bring a change of underwear.   Yesterday, I needed them.

And it was 37 °F when we went out yesterday morning.  Brrr.  Thankfully, Thursday looks to be warmer.

And the Dam Broke

So I’ve been doing well overall, but the past week I’ve been pretty emotional.  In fact, in talking with my boss I have decided to decline being a supervisor for now.  It’s not that the job has changed, it’s that I’ve changed.  And I’m have a crisis of career right now.  I’m not sure this is what I want or where I want to be.  I’m not sure I could grow in a meaningful way at the company I’m at now.  There are challenges, sure, but it still seems like a lot of bullshit to me.  How exactly am I helping anyone, anyone at all at this point?  I don’t want to waste my life doing something that does not contribute to society.   This is important to me.

God, all my life is so imperfect, so far from where I want it to be.  And changing one’s self is an arduous job.

The Visit Went Well

So I dropped off my parents yesterday.  I’m beat.  Part of the problem is that I was trying to save money, so I cooked.  Here is the menu, in case you were curious:

Thursday supper

Crab cakes/salmon cakes with salad (Leif doesn’t eat shellfish)

(I used garlic scapes in place of scallion and panko in place of typical breadcrumbs)

Friday breakfast

Boring: english muffins, tea, orange juice

Friday lunch

Omelettes and Polenta, mini bell peppers and farm share celery on the side

Add-ins: mozzarella, goat cheese, chives from the garden, garlic scapes, fresh tomato

Dad had plain w/ chives

Mom and Iain had mozzarella, goat cheese, & garlic scapes

Rowan had plain

I had basil-garlic polenta w/ goat cheese and tomato

Leif was at work

Friday supper

Pounded chicken cutlets, dipped in panko and pan-fried, kale on the side

Add-ins: capers, lemon, & anchovies (for those who wanted them)

Saturday breakfast

Homemade scones with clotted cream, strawberry or mulberry jam (both homemade, but not by me), marmalade, tea, orange juice

Saturday lunch

Homemade pizzas (why was I doing this to myself??)

Add-ins: Carmelized red onion, anchovies, pepperoni, goat cheese, tomato

Dad had olive oil, red onion, anchovies (he will not eat melted cheese or tomato sauce)

Iain had pepperoni, goat cheese, mozzarella (He will not eat anything tomato, just like Dad)

Mom had the same but with tomato sauce

Leif and Rowan had good old-fashioned pepperoni pizza

I had goat cheese and tomato

Saturday supper

We went out, Indian.

Sunday breakfast

Back to boring: english muffins, tea, orange juice

Sunday lunch

Farm share roasted red & gold potatoes, I used walnut oil, balsamic vinegar, salt & fresh black pepper (I’m starting to feel like I should start my own restaurant here)

Sunday evening

Kashmir roast leg of lamb I had started marinating the day before, basmati rice and cauliflower

Here’s what came from the farm share:

Garlic scapes, onions, potatoes, mesclun greens, kale, celery, goat cheese

We had leftovers tonight.  🙂

Gallery Night

Last night we dropped Rowan off at her grandma’s and went out to Gallery Night.  I haven’t been to one in ages.  The main place we went was Winnebago Studios, which was pretty neat as a bunch a different artists are set up in there.  It was refreshing to see people just doing their thing, whatever it happened to be.

Lately I’ve been so into steampunk.  I just love it!  It’s another project on my long list, make steampunk jewelry.  Here’s one of my favorite artists on Etsy that I’ve been watching, Jewels by Nature.  That, and I still need to learn how to crochet to make little lace wristlets.  My life is not complete without a collection of armwarmers.

Yeah, I’m a little hyper today.  I went to bootcamp this morning and I feel so great!  Next week is the last Saturday one for the season.  😦  Oh well, that’s why I brought my Billy Blanks Taebo workouts out of retirement.  And maybe I’ll add some Bollywood in there for good measure.  🙂

Goodbye Yo-grit

One of the sad things about watching children grow up is watching the cute things they say disappear.  The other day Rowan surprised me by asking for yogurt.  She had never pronounced it correctly, and I thought her calling it yo-grit was unbearably cute so I left it.  Alas, preschool taught her how to say it correctly.

Her other word is vy-genna, and she hasn’t figured out out to say that one either.  As in, “Abby put wood chips down my butt and sand in my vy-genna.”  I’m pretty sure that’s a bit of exaggeration, and not that her playground is acting out Chained Heat.  Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she knows how to say it before sex ed.