No soup tonight. Instead, Rowan and I had a bunch of shrimp and then a bunch of strawberries. As in, I ate a pound and she ate a pound. Good thing they were 2 for $4 at Woodman’s, looks like I’ll be going back to pick up more. Mmm. . . strawberries. Seriously, as long as I have fruit and yogurt, I’m pretty happy. Oh, and good bread. I’m still on my quest to make the perfect bread.

Green Salad Soup

Rowan has a thing for soup. She likes to eat it, and she likes to make it. But if she’s making it, I generally don’t let her eat it. Here was tonight’s recipe, Green Salad Soup:

Colored water, blue, green, yellow, with a dash of red, but it’s predominately green

Dish soap

Crystallized ginger (wasn’t watching her for this one, Leif retrieved the rest of the bottle for me)

Fish food

Grape tomatoes, cut in half (these were destined for the compost anyway, wrinkled but not moldy)

Grapes (same as above)


Onion shoots (my onions in the cupboard are trying to sprout)

The soup is also varies when she’s playing “Mama” or “Vampire Mama”. Tonight she was regular “Mama.” Often, the soup also has lotion in it, perhaps that is the connection to “Vampire Mama,” I’m not really sure. Apparently, it was so tasty we all had three bowls of the stuff.

Bon Appetit!

James Bond-with more cowbell

My parents came in yesterday, but they weren’t coming until the afternoon, so I had time to clean (thankfully).  So I watched a little James Bond in the background–The Spy Who Loved Me, to be more precise.  I love James Bond, a little action fluff is good.  But in the beginning of the movie there’s a ski chase scene and they play the Bond theme–but it’s all 70’s sounding, with a little bit of funk and a lot of cowbell.  What’s up with that?  And why did I never notice before?

In other news, yes my parents are here.  I have been proved wrong–we’re having a pretty decent time.  My dad managed to configure our wireless so that he can tap into it with his laptop, so that is nice.  He is happily checking out his computer and Latin newsgroups, and just renewed his Univerisity of Berlin newsgroup subscription.  Iain configured our Wii and he is now playing Super Smash Bros. online with other anonymous players.  We are such a digital family, but it’s working out really well.  I showed them the Tom Baker Says website and we watched Dr. Who bloopers, which is how geeks like us bond.