Grocery Shopping

So I went and bought a boatload of groceries for the coming festivities, and I’m still going to have to make another trip for other stuff.  I’m trying to plan out what to make for every day, but it’s a little difficult as I can’t fall back on my old standbys when my parents are around.  For example, my father does not eat sandwiches, pizza, or pasta, with the following exceptions:

  • Onion sandwiches are okay. Yes, that would be two pieces of bread with real butter, no margarine, with a slice of red onion.  Oh, and the butter needs to be at room temperature so that it spreads evenly and preferably not microwaved.  This rule for butter also applies to toast.
  • Pasta is okay if it is angelhair (he may eat some other type, but besides ramen or asian type noodles, I am not aware of it.)  Of course, tomato sauce is forbidden, so he typically likes angelhair pasta with anchovy butter.  That is where you cook anchovies in butter until they dissolve.
  • Pizza is okay if it comprises of crust with olive oil, with onions and anchovies on top.  Of course, tomatoes are also forbidden, as is cheese.

This is why my family ate a lot of ethnic food growing up.  Here are other things my father does not eat:  anything with tomatoes (even curries), anything with melted cheese, hamburgers, hotdogs, mexican, italian, beef (unless it’s filet mignon, and then well done).  It makes menu planning a little difficult.

Four days left

On Thursday, my parents are coming into town for Rowan’s birthday.  Per my usual style, I am so not ready.  I’ll have to actually cook for several days in a row, so I think a big trip to the grocery store is in my future.  And I should probably clean the house as well.


I am so glad it’s Thursday, it really feels different.  This has just been kind of a crappy week for no discernible (big) reason, and now it feels like the feeling has broke.  I’m going out to the Inferno this Sat. again, yay!  And Jess is probably coming with me, even better!  Leif is playing some Final Fantasy XII so I can drool over Balthier and Fran, good, good.

I actually cooked tonight, I’m so proud.  My poor family–I can cook and fairly well, I might add, when I put my mind to it.  But it’s not often I put my mind to it.  I made chicken and rice, basically a casserole.  I forget there are such things as casseroles–my parents of course never made them, but they’re pretty convenient, and I have less pride.

Went to dance class last night–seriously, I need to practice.  I am just so–well, not bad exactly, but kind of bumbling.  My poor teacher, I can just tell she’s looking at me and thinking, What is she doing?  Eventually, I’ll get it.

The other night Rowan put these paste-on jewels on her forehead and feet as makeshift bindis.  (found out later they are “earrings” for young girls)  Then, she drew some washable marker on her feet to make them pretty–makeshift henna.  She wanted a bellydance costume, so I put her in one of my bikini tops and the coin skirt and she was super cute.  Then I had to dance with her, and as soon as I put my crop top on (at her command, because bellydancers show their stomachs) she had me wait while she drew a tattoo on her stomach, just like mine.  Well, as like mine as a green fish drawn by a four-year-old can be. 😉

What’s funny is she puts a lot of a feeling into her dance.  She’s a natural actress.  Her face will be so serious.  She’s already telling her Dad not to tease her.

But yes, I’m so glad it’s Friday tomorrow!

Finding the dandelion in the weeds

Most days, I’m a pretty happy girl. Sometimes I’m pretty shallow, sometimes I’m not. Today was kind of a crappy day at work. Stress, too much to do or too much to do well. I was kind of grumpy.

And then you read things like this in the NYTimes and it’s just so sad and such a waste. It’s completely sick, and not just for us. Because we left our women and children behind, to go to our soccer games in our SUVs, complaining about the cost of gas. All these people who die are someone one else’s child, or sibling, or parent.

Leif and I were talking about reincarnation the other day.  He’s read a fair amount of Vedic philosophy and he was saying there is something in the Hindu texts about keeping your promises, even across time.  That whoever you meet, there may be a promise attached to that person, because that person may have been your brother, your child, your father.

He was talking about his love for Rowan and how he will always love her, not just in this life, but in whatever life comes next, across whatever relationships they meet in again.  And I look into those brown eyes and I sometimes wonder, Do I remember you?

The whole premise with reincarnation of course is that you eventually learn from your various lives and you wake up–you free yourself from the endless cycles of life and death.   And when you do that, you become a Buddha, free from the illusion.  And then, you don’t have to come back, though some do to help others along in their paths.

I told Leif, “Well, I’m not ready to move beyond this yet.  If I die, I’m coming back.  I’m not done.”  So no buddhahood for me.

But I do believe in my own version of Gaia, that we are all one here.  So when people are being blown to bits, it’s our mass illusion causing that.  We feel like we are all each so separate, so different, so alone.  And that is the lie, because we are none of those.   We are all one of this entity, of this beloved planet, blundering around in own sad fears and small joys.  I wish we would all wake up.

Just another Monday

So, if you were wondering about the car, they fixed it on Thursday. I was impressed, they did it in one day. The water pump went out and took the timing belt with it. With towing and tax, it was $800. Oh well, still cheaper than a brand new car.

I didn’t make it up to Appleton on Friday to see Amy. ;( I hate driving in snow, especially if I don’t have to.

Let’s see, what else it new? Went to the Inferno a week ago, had an absolute blast. It’s a good night when you pound the floor so hard your feet are bruised up by the end of the night. Went with Iain, and even he said I was tearing up the dance floor. I just have all this energy to get out of my system 😉 so I’ve been wanting to get out and dance! I saw a bunch of the old crowd, and I saw Kara again–wow, it’s been a long time. I hope to get together with her at some point.  She looked really good.

Oh yeah, and I’ve been having some crazy dreams.  I love dreams, I think they’re so interesting.  Of course, I also like astrology and Tarot too and I’ve given up being ashamed about it.   So I may be putting some dreams down soon, skip over if you’re bored.

Hyper Ballad

So Cyndi put Hyper Ballad by Bjork as her song on her MySpace account.  Wow, it’s been  along time since I’ve heard that song.  The lyrics are so sad, the music so happy.  You know how some songs bring you back?  This one brings me back to my last year at WLC.  I was so happy on some level, becoming more myself every day and not caring what anyone else thought.  I was also so unhappy, thinking how cold the creek across the street at the Medical College would be, and if I had slit my wrists deep enough, would I feel that cold water?  I didn’t really know where else I would put my body.

Yeah, I’m glad I don’t think that way anymore.   Great song though.

Well, shoot

Well, I was going to write a somewhat humorous post on how I’ve been off the pill and now have a libido and am having kick-ass fantasies about anime characters, but shoot. My car died, so I’m going to talk about that instead.

Yes, after I left work I started my car, and as soon as I did, it started rattling really loudly. Like there was a midget underneath the hood throwing rocks at it. I turned it off, opened the hood, and started it again. Still rattling. It really didn’t sound good, but it’s only 7 miles home, so I figured I’d go with it. Yeah, I got maybe a 1/4 mile down the road, when the rattling abruptly stopped. Actually, it was the engine that had stopped.

*sighs* Long story short, some friends came, we wheeled it into a parking space of my local UBC center and called the tow truck. The guy had us turn it on, and then had us immediately turn it off. “Sounds like your timing belt broke,” he said, “but I could be wrong.”

Timing belt? Isn’t that at least $1000? Doesn’t it destroy your engine if it breaks? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow. Kathy kindly offered me a ride to work.

I need to make more money.