Out of the mouths of children:

“Poops are the dads and pees are the mom and they go down the toilet to their new home.” (Exposition on bodily functions?)

“I need so many tentacles.” (playing with pipe insulation for the basement)

And yesterday, while I was at my class, Rowan wanted to read to Dad. So she put him into her bed and read a story on the stool next to him. After she was done, she turned out the light and closed the door. Leif said, “And after that, I was out!” So he napped while being vaguely aware of her reading more stories, playing with her dolls, etc. We’re lucky that she is the kind of kid who won’t set fire to the house. 😉

My husband loves me

When I saw the snow tonight, I was disappointed because I had meant to do some shopping after work.  Among my errands I was going to swing by Best Buy and pick up a tv antenna.  We got rid of Dish simply because we rarely watch tv, but tonight is the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  Yes, I am that kind of girl.

So I just went home and though I probably wouldn’t get to see it.  After all, what would the reception be and it’s snowing to boot?  But I had Leif help me anyway and we got it in!  I’m watching it right now!

Leif just shook his head and said, “You know, ten years I never would have guessed.”  But he humors anyway.  😉

The Big Butt Talk

Ah, parenting. The joys of teaching basic social skills to 3-years olds.

Mondays are swimming lessons night. So Rowan and I went and she had a good time. Afterwards we went to the ladies’ locker room to change. There is a lady there who is quite a bit heavier and last week as she was walking to a locker to help her daughter, Rowan said out loud, “Look Mom, look at her big butt!” There was a hair dryer on near us, so the lady could feign not hearing us. I whispered, “Don’t say that, that’s not nice,” but I gave no other explanation.

So of course, this week, again in the locker room, Rowan giggles and says, “She has a big butt!” This time other people had the hair dryer really close to us, so I think she really didn’t hear. It was time for the Talk.

In the car, I explained to her that saying someone has a big butt can hurt other people’s feelings. I told her that “big butt” isn’t a bad word (We’ve already had the Damnit Talk) but it made people sad, so if she needed to say something she should say, “Look Mom, that lady is curvy.” Let’s hope it sticks.

Isn’t it funny? The great thing about young kids is that they can’t fake anything. They don’t fake laughter, they don’t fake smiles. But a little bit of deceit helps to smooth things in an adult world. It wouldn’t be a good thing if everyone could hear everyone else’s thoughts, and sometimes too much truth is simply hurtful. Part of growning up is learning to not say everything. But it’s kind of sad to teach a kid, think about what you say. Learn to censor what you say.

Actually, today was a good day

Went to my upholstery class this morning and got a LOT accomplished.  I’m pretty confident that my dining room chairs will be completed by Dec 15th.  I got 3 chairs seats stripped and I steamed the foam for 2.  These two really took to it, the foam went right back into shape, it was very encouraging!  And I looked at the fabric laid out and it is gorgeous.  I love cool fabric!

By the time class was done at 11:00, it was already snowing pretty continously.  I got home okay and called people, because yep, no Inferno tonight.  But that was actually okay, I went a bunch of papers and filed away, so that was good.  Found some flex receipts so I can get reimbursed for that.  Did many loads of laundry AND folded them AND put them away.  (I have trouble with doing the last two steps in a timely manner 😉  So I was very productive.