I am the sexy thing

So, today I had my wisdom teeth taken out. Not too bad, really. It felt a little weird to have heart monitors and blood pressure cuffs on in such a clinical setting. The needle for the IV was not too bad (It was in my arm and not my hand, thankfully)

To pass my way onto sleep I asked, “So does anyone see things?” The Dr. replied, “Well, often the ceiling appears to be moving.” And I looked up, and sure enough, my chair was moving backwards into the room.

Then I asked, “So how do you know when I’m asleep?” The Dr. chuckled and said, “Well your eyes will close and you’ll be snoring.” I replied, “No, I meant do you watch the heart monitor?” And that was the end of the conversation.

Then I was in a darkened room at a long table with 15 men dressed in black robes, hoods drawn, in front of black placemats. I was immediately left of the head of the low end of the table and I had an orange robe and an orange placemat. We were just about to eat, when someone pulled back my chair.

And then I was looking at the ceiling of the waiting area. A had a few more little dreams, like I was on top of the Ghostbusters building where Gozer was and I found a tray with a set of empty wineglasses. There might have been 15 of those too, for all I know.

Then I had a dream I was eating a truffle with a chocolate spider web on it, until I realized I was chewing my gauze. The nurse brought back Leif to drive me home and I asked, “So did I say anything?”

“Oh yes,” said the nurse. “You said, ‘I am the sexy thing.'” I guess I must have a good opinion of myself!

Mouse Guts

So,  I’ve decided to try writing in my blog every day for the month of November, so here is my first post for November.  Anyway, yesterday (Halloween) one of the first things to greet me was the vomited remains of some mouse Kiku had found, eaten, and regurgitated.  Imagine cat barf with mouse organs, skin, and fur, and you get an idea of how disgusting it was.  No bones that I could see, though.  (Do those dissolve?  :-p)

Anyways, Leif and I went out last night and when we came back there was half of a new mouse waiting for us under the dining room.  This one was not regurgitated, so maybe Kiku is learning how to keep them down.  At least there was less blood to clean up.