So today Leif started a new game, Lord of the Rings: The Third Age.  He had been playing Dawn of Mana, but that proved to be annoying and was giving him headaches from the lurching camera.  Leif has quite a few games that he has collected and not gotten around to.  Truthfully, Rowan picked LOR out for him.  It has scary looking monsters, which is what she usually looks for in a game.  It’s proving to be fun.
I would like to get into a game again, but I don’t feel like I can play the Silent Hill series around Rowan, and that was really my favorite.  Plus, I don’t like games that are too hard.  I’m only really a casual gamer.

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One thought on “Gaming”

  1. I agree games should be fun, and be easy if that is how I want to play them that way.

    I remember the old Atari days, there were multiple options for each game, and you could set the difficulty as low or high as you wanted.

    With kids of my own, I am just happy to complete games, I don’t even try to go for 100% any more. Some games I settle for *almost* completeing.

    Such as “Gun” or “Mech Warrior”. I got all the way to the final boss fight, and had a good time with the games. But for some reason, the final boss has to be major pain in the butt, using lots of cheap abilities, my leaset favorite, is when the boss is immune to all the cool weapons I have collected, and he regenerates health, and you have to do a special trick shot to hurt him.

    That is when I check the internet to see what I get for beating the boss. If it is just a cut sceen, I am not going to sweat it more than a few hours try to beat him. After 5 hours, a 30 second cut sceen is not worth it.

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