So tomorrow I was supposed to go to the Inferno for the first time in ages, but now it looks like there’s going to be a big storm tomorrow instead.  I was really looking forward to it, but the more I hear, the more nervous I am.   Being an adult, I actually worry about such things.  It sucks to be grownup.


So I would have posted yesterday, but I got into an argument with my spouse and didn’t feel like it. Okay, Dayna? Sorry I took the easy way out. 🙂 And yes, we’re all better now.

Anyway. . .so yesterday I went running. For the first time ever. And I didn’t die. I’m quite proud, really. It’s just my butt has been achy and dire measures needed to be taken–like getting my butt (literally) in shape. I went with Dayna and Nicole, who were pretty patient with me and let me take lots of running breaks. It was pretty nippy outside, but it was sort of a good impetus to get moving and stay warm.

I didn’t think I had overdone it, but after we got back my psoas muscle was quite sore on the right side. (The psoas is that weird deep muscle inside your hip, it attachs your pelvis to the thighbone–and I know this, yes because of bellydancing) And due to the location of the psoas, you really can’t massage it. So we’ll see if I run tomorrow, I don’t want to wuss out but I don’t want make it worse either. I was going to do yoga tonight, but instead made brownies because it’s my turn to bring in treats to daycare. 🙂

Then, also yesterday I decided to get a chair massage at work. You have to pay for it, but it seemed like it would be a nice break. Except now it looks like I have two hickeys on the side of my neck and one is crusting (yes, that would be scabbing) over. Yes, a little too vigorous there. Not particularly relaxing. And the funny thing is, I was talking to Dayna and suddenly she starting looking at my neck and said, (And here is where I thought she was going to say, ‘Are those hickeys?’ and I was going to make a joke about the great make-up sex but instead she stole my thunder) “You had a chair massage, didn’t you?” Apparently large hickey-like bruises are not uncommon with this masseuse.

So now my groin and neck area are sore, and it’s not even from torrid lovemaking.  How disappointing.

Time of Testing

So I’ve been feeling stressed out and physically run down and I may have figured out what it is.  Maybe I feel stressed out because Rowan has had a tantrum almost every day the past week, usually right when I get home or back from the errand.  It’s always completely irrational, bordering on the psychotic.  Tonight it was due to sausages.

Yes, over the weekend when Rowan had been staying with Grandma and Grandpa and she had some sausages and liked them.  I don’t buy meat that often, but I was grocery shopping and bought some breakfast links.  Got home, everything was fine, she was playing quietly and watching Wonder Pets.  She asked if I had gotten some hot dogs, and I replied no, but I had bought some sausages and to give me a moment to cook a few up.

Then, pretty much the moment I put the raw, uncooked sausages in a cold pan, she decided she wanted sausages–RIGHT NOW.  And it wasn’t like she worked herself up.  It was like a switch went off–the switch from a normal 3-year to a berserk Exorcist Demon Child.  Suddenly, it was “WAHHH I WANT SAUSAGES!  MOM MOM I WANT SAUSAGES AUGGHHH” (I’m paraphrasing here)

Of course, telling her that they would have to cook, possibly for a whole 10-15 minutes was pure torture, as her intestines had become a black hole of hunger in the space of 15 seconds.

So, she kept it up.  I turned off the tv, no tv for Demon Child in my home.  She kicked me.  I gave her a time out.  After the time out, I went to check up on her, and I had made the unforgivable mistake of putting my hair in a ponytail, so I wouldn’t shed like dog on the sausages.  “MOOMMMM, TAKE THAT THING OUT OF YOUR HAIR I WANT IT OUUTTT.”

More screaming, more kicking, another time out.  When to check on her again, “MOOMMMM, THE LIGHT ON THE LIVING ROOM IS OUT, TURN IT ON, TURN IT ONNN!”

Another time out.  This time, I just left her.  She kept going,


“MOOMMM, I HURT MY FOOT, MOMMMMM!”  (This would be from kicking the dining room chairs.)


45 minutes later, she calmed down enough that she did use the potty and eat some (now cold, albeit cooked) sausages.

But the true irony was that after supper, Leif was putting dishes in the dishwasher and teasing Rowan.  I don’t know what it was in response to, but she said lightheartedly, “Drop the drama, Dad!”


So I don’t know what the hell it is, but I’ve been feeling like hell since Saturday night.  Actually, Friday night is when I slept awful and since Sunday I have been feeling like death warmed over.  My back feels like it needs to be cracked in a thousand places and I keep feel nauseous.  Whatever new bug I’ve got, I hope it burns itself out.  It makes it hard to be cheery.


Yesterday evening, we went to Milwaukee to see different old friends, Terry and Theresa.  When I met Leif, his band and Terry’s band were on the same label and that’s how they met.  Then over time, Theresa and I formed our own friendship and I continue to talk to from time to time.  She is very funny, honest, and insightful, so even though we don’t see each other often, we pick up right where we left off.

Theresa made raclette, which is a type of cheese but also this Swiss thing where you have a double-decker tabletop grill.  You grill veggies and/or meat on top, then place into a little serving spatula-thing and add a slice of raclette cheese.  This you place under the broiler that’s under the grill to melt.  Once melted, you squeege off the mixture onto new potatoes.  Yummy!  Raclette is amongst the stinkier cheeses, so I was little afraid how Leif and Lars would like it, but we all really liked it.  So fun!
Theresa’s claim to fame is that she reads the cards and has a yoga studio.  Now, it’s my guilty secret, but I love the occult stuff.  I love astrology, Tarot, some of Wicca, some of witchcraft, all that stuff.   It doesn’t work all the time, but I do find it very interesting and often insightful.  So we read Rowan’s chart so I can see what’s in store for me. Continue reading “Raclette”


I slept awful last night and woke up achy.  That’s usually a sure sign that I haven’t been taking care of myself.  So I did my Kundalini yoga workout today, man, I had forgotten what a difference that can make.  I think I wasn’t doing it because I don’t usually think of yoga as a “workout”, it’s more of a mind thing to me and improves my flexibility.  But I felt so much better afterwards.