Just for myself. . .

Sometimes I can be a bit distracted, because my head is always full of ideas and dreams.  So finally, because I can’t even keep track of it all, I’m going to write it down.  I often think, What is it that I want to do in this life?  I know I want to pursue Art.  But my problem has always been what kind of art.  Here is a list of all the things I want to do in this life so that I don’t have to keep it all in my head (and yes, I have both blog entries and clothing designs still backlogged in my memory): 

White-water raft down the Grand Canyon (the kind with a tour guide)

Do a yoga retreat in the mountains (preferably Rockies)

Visit Mt. Rainier again

Visit the 600 foot falls on the edge of Portland, Oregon and Washington State

Paint in general—but it’s hard, now that I’m happy, I have less to say

Design a great tattoo

Sew fabulous gothic designs

Make curtains for the house

Learn how to make chocolate truffles

Go on a Vision Quest

Paint the moon

Write in my blog

Learn how to do a spell

Draw Rowan, including the great play of muscles underneath her skin

Learn more about Svaroopa and Kundalina yoga—what does it feel like when the serpent rises up your spine?

Get to know an old person and see if they fear death too

Learn why a conservative is a conservative

Take a retreat with Zen Master Dae Kwang

Create a meditation room full of light

Make a stone circle

Sculpt jewelry

Learn how to dye velvet

Learn how to make flocked velvet brocade

Design my own fabric

Silk screen my own fabric

Stamp—but in a cool way

Sew a great corset

Make Halloween costumes—the Garthem, Dalek, Storm Trooper

Play a great video game

Learn how to do stage makeup

Perform on stage

Learn how to dance bellydance in that weird snaky alien style

Visit the sea

Do a wine tour in Napa Valley

Learn how to do fire poi

Visit White Sands desert

Do a retreat with Shiva Rea

Teach my daughter how to dance around a bonfire

Make liqueurs

Visit the cathedrals of Europe

Make a Grail maiden costume

Make striped arm warmers

Make Milla’s Fifth Element costume in black vinyl

Make a wild west outfit with lots of fringe!

Paint the Red and Blue ants

Visit a volcano

Visit a Shinto shrine in Japan

Learn Japanese and kanji

Learn calligraphy

If time, learn Zen archery

Learn how to make a bento lunch!

Make insect art

Learn how to do art in the crackly, old-time stamped style

Make my own art tiles


I would still like to visit Antartica

Learn how to take photographs of what I see

Write my autobiography, for me if no one else

Write a picture book on graveyards in Wisconsin (wasn’t Heather’s father-in-law going to do that?)

Get in shape and have Leif take photographs before I get old

Go to the Labyrinth Ball or Vampire Ball

Visit Mardi Gras, Carnivale in Rio or Carnivale in Venice just once

Author: ~R

I write about life, people, and the things that interest in me. Which often includes death, sex, friendship, and the future of humanity. I hope for the best in people and I prepare for the worst. But no matter what happens, change is constant and everything will be ok.

One thought on “Just for myself. . .”

  1. I can help with the Russian Cathedrals 🙂

    At least you have such a cool list of things you want to do. Mine is like, “want to get a good nights’ sleep.” I bore myself *smiles*

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