Dragons in the Sky

Rowan has started to become fascinated with the Beltline. Usually at the exits, there’s a bridge where it loops around when you get on. So she has taken to asking, “Are we going up?” Of course, sometimes we are and sometimes we aren’t, but she loves crossing over the bridges and looking down at the little cars.

She also has been watching the clouds. Apparently, we get a lot of dragon cloud formations, because this is the not the first time she’s said, “Look, Mama, there’s a dragon!” Today there was a dragon and a horsey, who were happy. And then there was a baby dragon and a mama dragon, who were also happy and wanted to give us food. I guess they’re friendly dragons.

Only my girl.

As anyone with children knows, parenting requires many sacrifices. Some are small, some are big, and some are things that should be small but that you miss a lot anyway. I miss t.v. Adult t.v., with swearing, violence, and yes, even sex. James Bond, Resident Evil, Charlie’s Angels, Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes, Buffy–there’s any number of tv fodder that I miss having on.

So today I was once again bored with all the stuff we usually watch-even though some stuff is top-notch (Dark Crystal is the new favorite), sometimes you just want something newish. I ended up pulling out my old Xena box sets, and let Rowan pick one. She picked the incredibly cheese vampire one. But she loves it. She watched it once this morning and then this afternoon she wanted to watch it again. She came up to me with her little girly voice, “Can we watch this one? Please?” When we finally acquiesced, she ran over to the couch, exclaiming, “Yay! I like Vampires!”

Only my girl.

Just for myself. . .

Sometimes I can be a bit distracted, because my head is always full of ideas and dreams.  So finally, because I can’t even keep track of it all, I’m going to write it down.  I often think, What is it that I want to do in this life?  I know I want to pursue Art.  But my problem has always been what kind of art.  Here is a list of all the things I want to do in this life so that I don’t have to keep it all in my head (and yes, I have both blog entries and clothing designs still backlogged in my memory):  Continue reading “Just for myself. . .”

Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame

(Note: I started writing this after the weekend of May 19-20. I’ve just finished up my thoughts and finally posted. It is rather long, for my memory more than anything else.)

So last weekend I went to Circle Sanctuary for a sacred fire dance. I had seen the posting, but originally had plans on Saturday and was unable to go, but when my plans moved to Sunday and I was invited to go with some friends, I signed up. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but it sounded neat.

On Saturday we got there in the morning for a community work day. We were on the cemetery cleanup crew. They are in the process of a creating a “green” cemetery, right now it’s just cremains, but eventually I think it will progress to a place when one can be buried unembalmed in a biodegradable box. We walked up a hill past a stone ridge, and on the top is the cemetery. We pulled out weeds and raked leaves, and I have the blisters to prove it.

It was fun to hang out with a different group of people. Selena, the director/priestess of Circle Sanctuary would explain the weeding with “we honor the spirits of the plants, but they need to reincarnate on the _other_ side of the hill.” We found an anthill in a pile of stone that used to be an old altar that needed to be moved. We honored their spirits too, but explained that the stones would need to be moved. Continue reading “Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame”