Meera & the UW Bellydance Show

This past Saturday, I took the Indian Fusion workshop with Meera at the UW.  It was a lot of fun and pretty intense.  In fact, I’ve been limping around since yesterday because my calves are so tight.  Guess I wasn’t used to the “Bollywood Hop” or the the “Bhangra Bounce”.  🙂  I would love to learn more about Indian dance, but as I’m still doing bellydance, I don’t know when I would fit that in.  Plus, on Seana’s website she says she teaches Tribal style, which is open to students that have a year or more experience.  Come the summer, I will have had a year’s experience.  I really want to learn some Tribal!

The UW Bellydance show on Saturday night was really good.  I was impressed.  They almost sold out the Wisconsin Union Theater, it was so packed.  I’m happy for them.  There was a veil duet dance that was really beautiful.  And Meera’s performance was a lot of fun too.  But really, everyone did a great job.

Also, more exciting news, at least for me.  The UW Dept. of Continuing Education wants to the different dance classes to do a little demo, and they asked for volunteers.  So I will have my 2 minutes of fame.  It’s low key, we’re not really dressing up, but we get to perform a little.  I did my little routine for Leif and Rowan (this is the first time I danced for Leif) and they really liked it.  It’s at the end of April, so I have some time to practice.  I’m excited!

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