Poor sweet little lobster

On Saturday, the family went to Porter’s birthday party.  Rowan had a blast–pizza, cake, swimming–a great day for a 3-year old.  We got home and vegged for awhile, and then I had a hankering for  . . lobster!  Kathy had told me about a seafood market that opened up close to my work and so I decided to try it out.  I took Rowan with me (she always wants to come now when I go “shopping”).  The place had a tank with live lobsters, and so we picked one out, had it steamed (next time, I’ll call ahead–it took awhile for the water to boil), then brought it home.  I got tacos and a burrito for Leif & Rowan, because I didn’t think she’d try it.

But she wanted to try it, so I let her.  She wasn’t too impressed, which it what I had expected.  But somewhere in between cracking the claws and sucking the meat out of the legs, she became intrigued.  “Poor sweet little lobster,” she said.  Then, “Can I try some?”  So I let her try some, and this time, she was hooked.  I divved up the tail, and once again, “Poor sweet little lobster,” and then loud munching sounds as she scarfed her half.   My mom was so pleased, “There’s Parsons in her yet!”

Random Musings of the Day

And now, onto something completely different. Random musings: At the grocery store, Leif wanted to go to the organic aisle, to pick up some Kashi cereal. He found a new flavor in the Go Lean Crunch type, Honey-Almond Flax. If I ever doubt that I could have an influence on my husband, there is the incontestable truth—my husband will eat flax. How hippie can you get?

. . . Rowan is now drawing little faces. They are soo cute! And scary ghosts, she likes to draw those too, but those also look cute. . . 🙂 Even cuter, she even thinks the little yellow smiley faces on this blog are skeletons, because they apparently look like Jack Skellington (from Nightmare Before Christmas). . .
Tabla, I love tabla! I was looking for some new bellydance music, but have somehow been sidetracked into Indian fusion. First it was Karsh Kale, and now I’m listening to the soundtrack of Naach, some Bollywood movie I’ve never even seen. I’ve been restless for something new and fresh. . .now if I could only master the makeup of the smoky eye. ..

I am still on the quest for the perfect lotus. I want a new tattoo, a lotus, on my upper back. But this might be my last tattoo, and certainly will be the last for awhile, so I want it to be perfect. But every time I find one I like, it’s just a little off and I can’t figure out how to improve it. Oh well, practice is perfect. . .

Well, I went and got my bikini that I’ve been wanting. I thought it was discontinued, but I found it on the website. It fits, but the way I look in a bikini is exactly as I expected—not hideously flabby, I suppose, but not phenomenal either. 🙂 See, I have a rule, the boobs vs. pooch rule—one’s chest should extend past the stomach. If you have more on top, then you can fudge more with the pooch. In my case, my upper curves are rather small, so there is very little fudge room. I knew that though, it was one of the reasons I wanted the swimsuit. I know how to look good in clothes, it’s the swimsuit that always the final test. I need to get in shape!!!

I finally sewed my elastic for my mini-zills (finger cymbals). After I drop Rowan off to daycare, I practice them on my work. I have three patterns I’m working on, 12 12 12. . ., 121 121 121. . ., and 11121 1121 121 . . .(1 is the dominant hand, 2 the non-dominant). I really suck at rhythm. It’s like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, but I can’t even do the zilling by itself decently well. The Saroyan zills definitely make a difference, the tone and clarity is superb–as much as I can tell, being a beginner. 🙂 I have some really neat Nefertiti ones in german silver too, but those are too big to practice in the car. They’re pretty loud, I wonder if other drivers can hear them at a stop, or if they can see them glinting in the sun.

Meera & the UW Bellydance Show

This past Saturday, I took the Indian Fusion workshop with Meera at the UW.  It was a lot of fun and pretty intense.  In fact, I’ve been limping around since yesterday because my calves are so tight.  Guess I wasn’t used to the “Bollywood Hop” or the the “Bhangra Bounce”.  🙂  I would love to learn more about Indian dance, but as I’m still doing bellydance, I don’t know when I would fit that in.  Plus, on Seana’s website she says she teaches Tribal style, which is open to students that have a year or more experience.  Come the summer, I will have had a year’s experience.  I really want to learn some Tribal!

The UW Bellydance show on Saturday night was really good.  I was impressed.  They almost sold out the Wisconsin Union Theater, it was so packed.  I’m happy for them.  There was a veil duet dance that was really beautiful.  And Meera’s performance was a lot of fun too.  But really, everyone did a great job.

Also, more exciting news, at least for me.  The UW Dept. of Continuing Education wants to the different dance classes to do a little demo, and they asked for volunteers.  So I will have my 2 minutes of fame.  It’s low key, we’re not really dressing up, but we get to perform a little.  I did my little routine for Leif and Rowan (this is the first time I danced for Leif) and they really liked it.  It’s at the end of April, so I have some time to practice.  I’m excited!